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Hotel Paradiso

The Hotel Paradiso is a family run hotel in the vicinity of Lake Garda. It has always been a meeting point between the excellent services offered to the clientele and its quiet and charming location, which allows guests to spend their holiday in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. The Hotel Paradiso is just a few steps from the city center of Bardolino and it is also in the middle of a big and perfumed garden.

The hotel and its personnel will warmly welcome you and delight your journey with all its facilities: the swimming pool, private parking lots, air conditioning and many others. Enjoy your stay at Hotel Paradiso along the lake Garda river and take part to all the activities that this area has to offer!


La bellezza di Bardolino


Bardolino, historic city of Lake Garda, encloses within its walls beauty, art and culture: it is scattered by ancient churches and venetian villas, the repertoire of Bardolino ranges through various epochs. Ages of history and artistic beauties, from the Dom to the Castle, passing from the picturesque harbor to the small houses of the fishermen. Bardolino is famous for its excellent wine, which is produced by the vineyard planted on the surrounding hills. The exquisite oil is still obtained by the ancient traditional methods.

What makes the city unique it is its marvelous landscape: from the upper side of Bardolino it is possible to enjoy the enchanting view of the lake. When the sun sets, the sparkling lights of the village  reflect in the water creating a suggestive atmosphere, which is a perfect time for a romantic walk.

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